Audit Services

Ensuring a Culture of Quality

As enterprise and cloud applications are increasingly deployed within life sciences, the need for comprehensive software quality audits has never been greater.  Demonstration of quality and compliance is essential for every life sciences company.  In the often complex and fast-paced world of enterprise applications, software quality assurance is the key to building trust and sustained compliance.  OnShore Technology Group’s audit management services are designed to check each aspect of your implementation to ensure that you are meeting regulatory compliance guidelines and driving towards a state of compliance maturity. 

OnShore’s comprehensive approach is designed to deliver strategic recommendations and observations regarding your critical software assets.   Our audit deliverables include a detailed audit summary, observations and a report on our recommendations to manage and improve the quality of your enterprise processes and systems in a manner consistent with global regulatory requirements, industry best practices and internal guidelines.   If you have a system or process that would benefit from an independent audit inspection, contact us today.

Why We Are Different

Many auditors will highlight their unique experience as a key to their success.  While our team has the depth and breadth of experience to make us successful, it is not our only differentiator.  To conduct successful audits today requires a unique blend of people, processes and technology.  We leverage the most advanced technology to help ensure your success. Our independence from the actual software vendors ensures objectivity and rigorous attention to issues which may affect quality and compliance.   We understand risk and compliance.   Our audits are conducted to help you minimize risk and ensure compliance.

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