Cloud Validation Services

Unleash The Power of the Cloud

As life sciences organizations embrace enterprise cloud applications, the realities of computer systems validation are ever-present.    Validating cloud-based systems present unique challenges due to the limited control of the physical environment and the changing nature of the cloud challenging the principles of maintaining the validated state.  One thing is crystal clear - we need a new approach for validating cloud systems that is true to IV&V regulatory requirements while unleashing the ability for life sciences companies to innovate regulated processes leveraging cloud technologies.


OnShore Technology Group offers an innovative, practical approach to cloud validation.  Our experts can assist you in understanding the cloud technology landscape and its impact on computer systems validation.  It should be understood that the fundamental principles of validation endure - regulated systems must be validated to confirm that they function according to intended use.    With cloud applications, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way this is achieved.  Whether you are validating a system in Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, or AWS, OnShore can assist you in developing an effective strategy for validation.  Contact us today for more information on our cloud validation services.