IV&V RightSourcing On Demand

RightSourcing is widely recognized as the best way to procure IV&V services and the process of determination of  in-house (InSourcing) or contracting it out to a third-part service provider.  Our definition of RightSourcing is the process of selecting the RIGHT person for the RIGHT time for the RIGHT validation project.  ValidationOffice delivers validation resources for training, staffing, testing and outsourcing to meet the unique needs of your business.

Automated Testing Center of Excellence

Software validation testing is central to the validation process.   Increasingly, life sciences companies and government agencies believe it is crucial to outsource this activity.    As companies address the challenges of implementation and deployment of enterprise technologies such as ERP, MRP, ECM, QMS, and other technologies, the challenge of introducing cloud and on-premise enterprise applications drives the need for reliable outsourced validation testing services from well-established providers.   ValidationOffice is your RightSourced partner for validation services. 

More and more, life sciences companies cite cost savings and  the need to do testing in a manner compliant with global regulatory requirements as major drivers of outsourcing. Testing of enterprise application in both cloud and on-premise environments has become more professionalized and now requires significant investment in terms of tools, people recruitment and automation.  Given the global shortage of the right skills, finding onshore IV&V testing engineers is difficult at best.

Our ValidationOffice Testing Center of Excellence is ideal for companies seeking to outsource testing to qualified, experienced validation engineers.

IV&V Training and e-Learning

Training is essential in cGMP environments.  ValidationOffice℠ delivers custom-developed training for your organization on topics relevant for Independent Validation and Verification.  Our ValidationMaster™ Learning Academy delivers a comprehensive portfolio and training curriculum from ISPE GAMP 5®, GMP, validation testing, cloud validation, and many other topics.  Contact us today for more information.

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