Accelerating Validation of Advanced Enterprise Solutions


Technology companies are delivering more innovative solutions to their clients that drive productivity, efficience, governance and compliance to levels never previously achieved.

Technology software  in particular players large and small are driven help companies achieve sustained compliance and manage information in a manner that ensures data integrity, authenticity and security over time.  As enterprise technologies such as SAP, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Oracle e-business, BatchMaster, Merit Solutions MAXLife and even players  such as Intel are deployed within life sciences systems environments, these systems require independent validation and verification (IV&V) to provide software assurance and quality.  Outsourcing the IV&V process is the very latest trend among life sciences companies.  The efficiencies and independence gained through outsourcing have led many companies to execute this important business strategy.


Although validation mandates have been with us for years, many technology companies struggle with how to present their solutions to quality and technology life sciences officials as "validation friendly".  The introduction of cloud solutions, mobile technology integrations, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies have caused software companies to rethink their validation strategies.  An example below is for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  We offer more accelerators for other advanced technology solutions.


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Accelerate Your ROI

One of the key benefits of ValidationMaster™ and our lean validation services is the excellent return on investment of the overall solution.  ValidationMaster™ is a full, comprehensive Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management and Quality system.  Beyond the initial validation exercise, ValidationMaster™ pays dividends well beyond the initial validation exercise.  Many companies have seen a 100% return on investment with the first project.

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We invite you to access our Resource Center and read more about our Validation Accelerators.  Our Resource Center includes case studies, marketing collaterals and data sheets, white papers and much more.  Read our blog branded as The Validation Post for more detailed indepth strategies, best practices and thought leadership on lean validation strategies, Validation Accelerators and the latest innovations for validation project management.

Innovation In Action

Life sciences companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of our ValidationMaster™ Enterprise Validation Management System and CloudMaster 365™.  Instead of getting a stack of documents from a vendor, CloudMaster 365™ provides you with the system, the documentation, the testing, and the processes to help deliver validation.  Our clients have added their own due diligence to ensure compliance with current regulatory guidelines. 

Mastering Regulatory Compliance

CloudMaster 365™ is compliant with current global regulatory guidelines.  The ValidationMaster™ Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management system includes compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, change control, regulatory content management, incident management, CAPA, nonconformances, training and other regulatory processes.  The system is designed to work together in a cohesive manner to deliver maximum value for lean validation processes.