Integrated Quality and Risk Management

Managing quality, risk and compliance is essential for lean validation processes.  In many organizations, quality systems are fragmented and not integrated to provide a 360 degree view of quality.  Global regulations demand a comprehensive view of quality to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

The ValidationMaster Portal™ delivers an integrated solution for 360 degree quality and compliance.  

The ValidationMaster Portal harnesses the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to deliver an unprecedented analysis of your quality processes that includes context in which quality problems are discovered and managed throughout validation processes.

Integration with the ValidationMaster Enterprise Lifecycle Management system allows all quality and risk data to be shared across your extended quality and validation community eliminating bottlenecks and silos that often imped compliance.


Bring quality, risk and compliance to your Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management system. Sign up today for a private demo to see the SharePoint-based Quality and Risk Portal in Action.

ValidationMaster Portal™ Quality & Risk Features

Audit Management

Comprehensive audit management features including configurable audit checklist


Risk Management

ISPE GAMP 5®-based risk management system with configurable risk categories and graphical heat maps.

Regulatory Content Management System

Support for controlled and uncontrolled content.  Configurable document types and document templates.


Integration With DocuSign® Electronic Signatures

Seamless integration with DocuSign electronic signatures and Nintex workflows.  Electronic document review/approval.

CAPA and N/C SharePoint-based Portal

Comprehensive CAPA and nonconformance management features with graphical workflows powered by Nintex.


Validation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Ability to establish validation KPIs to measure performance optimization for lean validation.

Training and Competency Management

Track training records associated with validation projects as well as competencies across the company to ensure compliance.


Nintex® Graphical Workflows

Easily map any process using Nintex graphical workflows.  Ability to visualize and manage quality processes to avoid bottlenecks.

Support for ISO 9001

Supports ISO 9001 processes and delivers an out-of-the box organizational map that allows you to track each ISO dimension to content within the portal.


Calibration and Equipment Maintenance

Comprehensive features for equipment maintenance and calibration in a Microsoft SharePoint-based portal.