Contact us today! We can provide qualified, experienced validation project/program managers, test engineers, team leaders, technical writers and any other staff to fulfill your current resource requirements. We offer flexible plans to fit your budget. Contact us today for more information.

Recruitment & Screening

Targeted recruitment and screening process designed to find the right candidate for the right job.  Our services save you time and money by eliminating candidates who do not meet your criteria.  Only the most qualified are presented to you.


Comprehensive Background Checks

We confirm all legal and regulatory requirements as well as mandatory certifications, if applicable to ensure that each candidate is ready to work on day one.

Contract Flexibility

Flexible contracts T&M contracts with competitive rates that deliver either project-based or interim staffing for organizations that require services on demand.  Duration of each engagement is flexible.


Dedicated Services

Our interim IV&V team members are placed on site under your direction.  They are dedicated to your project or organization to fulfill your defined mission for each engagement.

Regulatory Compliance Experience

It is critical that your interim professionals have the requisite compliance experience to understand predicate rule requirements such as cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11 and many other global imperatives.  We screen candidates to ensure proficiency in thes areas.


IV&V Enterprise Technology Experience

Essential to providing you with ready to work candidates, they must have a working, practical knowledge of the latest technologies to help you succeed in your objectives.  We screen candidates and only select the best and brightest.

Multi-Industry Support

ValidationOffice recruits talent for life sciences including pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, nutraceutical, chemical, specialty pharma, CRO/CMO, and other related sectors.


Managed Resources

Whether you require validation engineers, team leaders, or quality professionals, we offer specialized team with the experience you need.

Enhanced Onboarding

We work with you to ensure that each candidate is formally introduced to your company's culture and understand your policies and procedurs.  We go the extra mile to help ensure productivity from day one.


Comprehensive Reporting

We leverage advanced technology to track and manage your budget and resources plan as outlined in our SOW.  We provide status reports to help you better understand performance throughout each engagement.