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SAP Business One® is the global leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. As an end-to-end cloud-based ERP designed to help life sciences companies integrate supply chain operations and deliver compliance on demand. While the system is designed to deliver and extend applications with agility, computer systems validation is still required to ensure that the system is established and maintained in a validated state.

The CloudMaster 365 For SAP Business One® is the perfect choice to help accelerate IV&V activities and ensure compliance. The foundation of the CloudMaster 365 Accelerator For SAP Business One® is the ValidationMaster Enterprise Validation Management system. ValidationMaster delivers comprehensive features designed to automate validation testing while effectively managing the validation requirements, incident and electronic content management and signature processes.

Also included is a ready-to-use User Requirements Specification for the COTS features of SAP Business One® linked to a full IQ/OQ/PQ set of test scripts within the ValidationMaster system. The Accelerator also delivers a comprehensive set of planning and summary documentation/templates to support the full validation process.

SAP has recently launched over 100 AI and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities in the latest release of SAP S/4HANA® Cloud. Contact us for more information on how we can help achieve validation of SAP cloud-based solutions.


Achieving sustained compliance

Cloud environments are in a constant state of change yet the principles of validation endure. How can you maintain the validated state while eliminating manual, costly, time-consuming validation processes? CloudMaster 365 is the solution that delivers automation powered by ValidationMaster coupled with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box user requirements and test scripts for leading Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) enterprise applications.

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