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True Measures of a Successful Leader

A true leader is one that other people would like to follow.

Valarie measures her effectiveness as a leader by how effective she is at inspiring people to follow her on her journey. She strongly believes that achieving maximum workplace productivity requires a motivated and inspired team willing to follow and contribute to the vision of the leader.

Effective leaders are also good motivators. She also measures her effectiveness as a leader by how many repeat clients and opportunities she has. It is her philosophy that anyone can go out and get new clients, but it takes effective leadership to deliver quality products and services and maintain a satisfied client base.

The most valuable asset of OnShore Technology Group is its employees. As a leader, she treats each employee with respect and courtesy and endeavours each day to make their relationship a win/win situation. True leaders lead by example. She believes in leading with integrity and demonstrates this to her clients and internal colleagues each day.

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