Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – what’s the real deal? — Interview With Valarie King-Bailey

On today’s episode, Stacey Bruzzese welcomes Valarie King-Bailey to talk about women in Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Stacey and Valarie talk about a variety of topics:

  • Valarie talks about her experience at the Women in Validation Empowerment Summit that she attended during Validation Week.
  • Valarie discusses what she believes keeps women from pursuing careers in the engineering field
  • How does Valarie interpret the statistics that show women earn less than men in engineering and whether women need to prove themselves repeatedly to get the same recognition and respect as men
  • What make Valarie different from the 70% of women who earned bachelor’s degrees in engineering but have since left the industry?
  • Does direct dialog backed by data earn women credibility in the workplace?
  • How does Valarie view the low numbers and women in leadership positions and what can be done to change this?
  • What can leadership teams do to create a more consistent and unbiased plan for promoting women in STEM?